Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet Guidance

The eating plan is based on portion-control, and includes three phases:

  • Load Phase: during which a high calorie level is consumed to create a dietary base for the main phase. Your goal is to literally eat as many “junk calories” of fats, oils and sugars as possible in a 48-hr. period in a “grazing” all day manner while taking the sub-lingual Global Weight Loss Drops. The more calories you can eat during this phase the better the system works. This phase tricks the body into thinking that this high fat calorie diet will be normal for you as it prepares to metabolize this excessive intake. Fast Food is perfect for these types of “junk calories.”
  • Reduction Phase: a controlled eating plan made up of lean meats, non-starch vegetables, salad, fruits, and limited bread starches. You will reduce the number of calories that you ingest so your body will begin to burn away the irregular “fat” to make up for your daily caloric needs.
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Healthy Diet Maintenance

Maintenance PhaseThis phase starts on day 43 and lasts for 21 days. It is important that you avoid gaining back any weight you have lost in order to completely reset your metabolism. During the Maintenance Phase, you must realize that your body weight will fluctuate between 2-4 pounds once the phase has begun. It is easy to be consumed by the scale but remember: weight fluctuation will normally occur during the Maintenance Phase. The reason for the “Maintenance Phase” is to help stabilize your weight and be sure that your metabolism is reset completely. If too many simple carbs, fats and oils are introduced back into your diet before the 21 days of the phase, the body will act like a sponge and absorb these types of calories.

Healthy Hints:

  • Order deli meats and/or steaks cut into 3.5 to 4-ounce portions for convenience.
  • Fish- look for “flash frozen” fish that’s pre- packaged in 4-ounce portions.
  • Meats: “marinate” meats by soaking them for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Before cooking, rinse meat to remove the marinade fats and sugars on the surface.
  • Flavor your foods up. Add unlimited seasonings and sauces that are listed as “0” calories. This is not a no salt or no seasoning system.
  • Avoid adding fats, oil, sugars or carbohydrates to any of your foods.
  • Avoid “dairy” completely at all cost.
  • Also avoid Almond and Soy Milk until Phase 3.
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